It is Saturday, February 13, 2016, and you've reached Harley Worthit's home page.

Branson, MO comedian, Harley Worthit (aka Perry Edenburn) is considered by many to be the funniest comedian in town. Just ask him!

Harley's New CDNewsflash! Harley's New CD, "You Can't Get This Stoopid Overnight" is NOW AVAILABLE!
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You've seen "Late Night with David Letterman," and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno?" ... well so has Harley!

Harley has been performing in Branson shows for quite a while now. (Check out "life of Harley" for the details.) Chances are you're at this site because you've seen him perform or know someone who has. If so, you know he's got something to say on just about any subject: "philosophy 101" brings you the latest "Harleyism." The video page has a ton of "Harleyisms" in alphabetical order, no less!

You can always contact Harley by email or if you want to check out the photo gallery you can head that way or you can even order a CD.

And to find out exactly where Harley's gonna be performing, take a look at the schedule pages.

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